About My Archive

As a retired teacher who has fled the US and is now living in Spain, and as someone who has until now eschewed most forms of social media, I am belatedly beginning to create an online presence.

To that end, I am using this WordPress website to archive some of my miscellaneous non-academic writing.  I hope that some of my friends and former colleagues may enjoy this collection, which consists mainly of political editorials, light-weight essays, and silly poems.  I also post here the latest version of my US History textbook, Key Moments in American History.

You may also want to check out a Pinterest site that I created for the Art Appreciation course that I taught at River Valley Community College in Keene, NH:  https://www.pinterest.com/murraydigsit/

Although I am not an active blogger, I have a blog page where I hope to record some of my impressions of my life in Oviedo:  https://murrayasturias.blogspot.com.es


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