The Life-Changing Magic of Holding Onto Stuff

While I am trying to write more positive essays, this one turned into an attack on Marie Kondo!

2 thoughts on “The Life-Changing Magic of Holding Onto Stuff

  1. Hello Murray! Three years and 30 dumpsters later, Val and I finished sorting through nearly 70 years of habitation on my Mother’s farm. To say she was a hoarder is putting it mildly. (….and yes, my daughter sat me down and had me watch Marie Kondo as inspiration) But I admit to inheriting the hunter gatherer genes and have passed them on to my unfortunate progeny. Cleaning up my mother’s house and barn brought a sobering reality to my own obsessive collection. So Richard and I have tackled this problem with some urgency. But, oh so many bits of glass….can you imagine, so many years have passed, but my treasures include a tiny carved stone bead and a bit of ancient glass. Now, where did those come from? They each contain a memory of a gift from you, dear friend! Sending best wishes to you both for a Happy New Year! Hugs, Jan


    1. Hello Jan! I remember spending so many wonderful times at your parent’s big old farm. And I remember visiting you and Richard at your NC home, and giving you that little piece of glass that I swiped from the floor of a storeroom at the Penn museum. The signed millefiori glass paperweight you gave me is one of the treasures that made its way to Spain with me! Hold onto things!


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