A Poem: Time Does Stops for No One

Time Does Stop for No One

There was a time

Before which

There was no time.

There will be a time

After which

There will be no time.

2 thoughts on “A Poem: Time Does Stops for No One

  1. Is time real, like particle or wave that is observable. Or nothing more than a human construct (like a coo-coo clock) to measure change?


    1. Hi Ernie! My poem was inspired by reading Sean Carroll’s wonderful The Big Picture (2016). As it turns out, time is neither like a particle or wave nor a human construct. It is an emergent feature of the particular quantum universe in which we live, with time’s arrow being a feature of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. As far as our universe is concerned, there was no time before the Big Bang, and there will be no time after all energy is dispersed as widely as possible.
      (Sorry that I don’t know how to use this WordPress format to put a space between the two sentences in this poem!)


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