COVID-19 Poems

COVID-19 poems

“This is for the Birds”  —a COVID-19 poem

I pity the pigeons,

Pecking at empty pavements, wondering

Where have all the crumbs gone.

How can their little bird brains

Comprehend quarantines?

At least it’s not the avian flu this time.


“This is for the Dogs”  —a canine COVID-19 poem

“Our time has come!”

“Twice a day I round up my human

and take him for a walk.”

“It used to be that we’d only see

a handful of fortunate humans

being led by a dog.”

“Now, every time we go out,

all the happy humans we see

are being walked by a butt-sniffer.”

“We’ve finally domesticated

those bipedal apes!”


The Lament of the Crosswalk Signal

(A COVID-19 Poem)

They used to pay attention to me.

Pods of pedestrians, patiently waiting

For my Green Man.

Lined up on the curb,

Led in by the nubbly muddy-red rubber path,

They’d rub shoulders and chat

Or silently meditate in my red glow.

Some would rashly dash across

Heads a-twisting this way and that

To spy an errant automobile

Come roaring around the corner.


Now the cars are all gone,

And the few people who come

With their grocery bags or dogs,

Just walk right on, paying me no never-mind.


Oh how I miss making them scurry

When I’d turn my flashing Green Man

To stop-dead Red.