Guess the Heteronyms

Here’s another game.  

Heteronyms are words that are spelled the same but have different pronunciations and meanings, like “bow” (pronounced “BAU” and meaning to lower one’s head, or the front of a ship) and “bow” (pronounced “BOH” and meaning the weapon used to shoot arrow).

So, in this game you are given a clue for a pair of heteronyms, like “displays the gifts,” and you try to guess the heteronym answer (“presents presents”).  Got it?

(As a help, I’ve put these in alphabetical order.  Another hint:  years ago my father noted that many English heteronyms are words formed with a Latin-based prefix, and that when used as a verb the accent is on the last syllable and when used as a noun or adjective the accent is on the penultimate or antepenultimate syllable—e.g. “presénts présents”.)

— Puts together threshing machines

— To shrink the legal agreement

— Finds the felons guilty

—Leave the arid region

—People who sketch bureaus

—The bird of peace went into the water

—Confines the physicians in training

—Someone out sick with a bogus excuse

—A short 60 seconds

—Improve the ideal

—A shoeshine in Krakow

—Get a song down on vinyl

—Will not take garbage

—A toilet outlet for a Singer operator

—A crying jag

—Coil up blowing air

—Coiled up an injury

If you are stuck, here are the answers:

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