Match the Homophone Pairs

Okay, here is a little word game.  I didn’t invent it; my wife saw it in a New York Times magazine when we were visiting the States last October.  (They called it “Sound Check “ but I prefer my title.)  The way it works is that you have to match a clue for a common multi-word or multi-syllable phrase in the left-hand column with a clue in the right-hand column to a homophone of that same phrase.  For instance, you might see a clue “Equine sound” in the left-hand column and guess that it might be a clue for “Horse neigh” and then look in the right-hand column to see the clue “Harsh denial” (=“Hoarse nay”).  Got it?

(Note:  two homophone in each column are the same, so there are two different ways to link them up.  If you get stuck, message me and I will send you the answers.

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