Match the Homophone Pairs III

Okay boys and girls (and non-binary others), here is a variation of the “Match the Homophone Pairs” game I posted a year ago (in the “Silly Riddles and Lists” folder on this website).  The rules here are to match the clues on the left with the homophones on the right.

1.  Mean embroidery?A.  Hare hair.
2.  Phaeton?B.  Ate eight.
3.  Put on Ares?C.  Duck duct.
4.  Naked Yogi?D.  Sun son.
5.  What Mickey might hum?E.  Wore war.
6.  Rabbit fur?F.  Don dawn.
7.  Consumed all the octopus legs?G.  Bare bear.
8.  A good price?H.  Cruel crewel.
9.  Wear Aurora?I.  Toon tune.
10. Where Daffy’s tears come out?J.  Fair fare.

And here is a bonus question:  The stupefied look of the impotent on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?

[If you are stuck, message me for the answer sheet.]

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