Match the Homophone Pairs V

Okay, yet another homophone game, this one in the original format where you are to create a homophone pair by matching the clues on the left with the clues on the right. This is the format that, as of now at least, the 4.0 Bing and Chat can’t master.

1What Robbie Burne’s love is like.AAn enemy.
2With this there can’t be any gain.BA Scottish dance.
3A finger ornament.CA paved path.
4Was due to you.DA hammer, wrench, etc.
5AuthenticETwist to get dry.
6Not authentic.FThe start of the day.
7Went on the bicycle.GCounted and recounted the aisles in a theater.
8The middle of the body.HExpertise in window glass.
9Bouncy silk fabric.IA tribute poem
10Bewail.JNot use.

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