Match the homophones IV

Okay, my brain seems to just keep whirling around! Here is another homophone game, where you are to match the clues on the left with the pairs of homophones on the right. (Interestingly, the 3.0 version of ChatGPT couldn’t do these homophone games, but the new Bing and the 4.0 version of ChatGPT both get them all right.)

1.  The cry of a humpback.A.   Sight site. 
2.  The chimney duct took wing.  B.  Wrote rote.
3.  What the eye is.C.  Sole soul.
4.  Put the curdled milk liquid on a scale.D.  Heirs airs
5.  The smell of a penny.E.  Sail sale.
6.  Spell correctly.F.  Whale wail.
7.  The spirit of a flat fish.G.  Write right.
8.  The pretensions of one’s descendants.H.  Weigh whey.
9.  Reduced price on a spinnaker.I.  Cent scent.
10.  Spelled by memory.J.  Flue flew.

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