Cliché Corner- To Coin a Phrase

[A month ago, when I was writing the silly poem, “Has-Beens”—which contains the phrases “old hat” and “yesterday’s news”—I started thinking about clichés. That’s it! I’ll write a poem entirely out of clichés! As original as I thought this idea was, alas, “there is nothing new under the sun.” In a recent Poets and Storytellers United blog, Magaly Guerrero had posted a contest for readers to turn clichés into poems (Magaly Guerrero, “Weekly Scribblings #6: Turn Cliché into Poetry or Prose,” Poets and Storytellers United, Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Web.). In compiling a list of examples I might use for my poem, I made use of the comprehensive compendium of clichés: Lisa Lepki, “The Internet’s Best List of Clichés,” ProWritingAid, Dec 09, 2020. Web.]