Back in the U.S. of A.:  Reflections, May, 2023

After getting back to Spain from our recent three-week trip to the US, I have written up my reflections on the country. (As anyone who knows me might guess, these are pretty negative!)

2 thoughts on “Back in the U.S. of A.:  Reflections, May, 2023

  1. Thanks so much for your perceptive “return” to the US essay. I wish you would come back to Keene so we could have a beer and talk. I find a huge disconnected between what I experience every day–friendly people, natural beauty, and a well-ordered society–and what I see in the media–an angry and fearful populace on a planet falling apart. It’s hard for me to be pessimistic in a world where weed is legal, women wear yoga pants in public, and I can read and write on a machine from the comfort of a recliner.


    1. Thanks. Yes, Ernie, it would be so nice to be in beautiful Keene and have a beer and a chat with you. I know what you mean by a disconnect between what one experiences in one’s daily life in the States and the country’s horrible political divisions and the disregard for our dying planet. (I also noted those yoga pants, something that we don’t have here in Spain!) But, as my essay amply demonstrates, I find my new Spanish, European, lifestyle much more congenial for me.


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