The Envelope

Psychologists say that uncertainty is one of the greatest stressors on mental health that we face in our lives. This certainly seems to be borne out with what we have all faced in this past pandemic year. And, although it is certain that we all will die some day, none of us knows when that day will come. But, if given the chance, would you want to know how much longer you have to live? In pondering this question, I have written this little short story.

Felices fiestas 2020

Oh my goodness. I think that we are all happy to turn our backs on 2020 and start looking forward to regaining a new normal in 2021.

One bright spot in my retirement life here in the paradise that is Asturias, Spain, is that I have finally finished a draft of my Art and Archaeology in the American Funny Pages. It is now up on my homepage as a rather large .pdf download. I would love to receive any feedback!

August Update

I have added a new section here on Art and Archaeology in Comics and have posted there my presentation of Pam’s collection.  Please feel free to download this and share it.

I have also posted on my blog site,, a silly little business proposal.